Digital Sound

The Tent Show The Tent Show

"Tent Show"

Tent Show is a touring exhibition of digital sound recordings made by artists from around the country on a theme of security and privacy.  The recordings include music, abstract sound montages and five- minute audio snapshots of life in and around Storth and John Ruskin schools in Cumbria, and are heard or overheard emanating from a number of small tents. Contributing artists include Francis O’ Donnel Smith, Ian McMillan and the girls of St Bernards School in  Barrow, Glenn Boulter, John Linden and Leeds band The Wendigos.

Anna and Georgia from John Ruskin

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Bobby from John Ruskin

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The Flabbagasted Ball

"The Flabbagasted Ball"

A montage of found and sampled football sounds recorded, treated and edited by students from year 8 and 9 St Bernards Roman Catholic High School, broadcast at Barrow AFC Jan 2007.

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Dogs and Horses

"Dogs and Horses"

by zac and leona, a piece of dance music with samples and loops from Barrow Island Community Primary School Art Club.

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Sound Struct

"The Soundtrack to the Amazing & Structure Exhibition"

Made in partnership with Barrow Island Community Primary School and Grizedale Arts Trust. Recorded and mixed by Barrow Island School children and installed at Grizedale Visitors Centre gallery 2006.

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